Scenic Tour: Shattered Forest – Part I

I have always found forests to be difficult. It’s the density of vegetation, the complicated interplay of light as it passes through branch after branch before striking the leaf-strewn ground. That said, I don’t feel terribly bad about my latest attempt. In fact, I rather like how it turned out.

The Germans have a word, Urwald. In one sense, it simply means jungle. In another, it is a primeval forest. Something twisted and dark. It is the place of fairytales that end in blood and screams, where nightmares hide in shadow and the howling of wind through trees might be more than just that.

I didn’t just want to aspire to that aesthetic, though. My Urwald is stretched over a shattered landscape. The earth has pulled apart, leaving winding chasms between pillars of stone. This area marks the edge. A lonely road through a lonely wood, where travelers dare not wander far off the path.

Forest RoadForest Sweep Forest Ruins Forest River Forest River Sweep Forest Pool Forest Path Forest Falls Forest Dense Forest Creek Forest ClearingExcept another update soon for a trip further into the woods.


4 thoughts on “Scenic Tour: Shattered Forest – Part I

  1. Do you post on the official forums? The area design is really good and that’s the best tutorial for Tanita’s Watermill I’ve seen.

  2. Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say! I have posted on the official forums a couple times. My screename there is also Rekov. I think I’ll go ahead and clean up my tutorial a little and post it at your suggestion.

  3. Hey man, just stumbled upon this, have you ever looked into Unity level design? Its a good way to take your skills to the next level by having full creative control!
    You definitely have an eye for this stuff man.

    • Unity has definitely been on my list. The last few months I’ve buried myself in Blender and Photoshop to get my asset creation up to scratch. Thanks for the feedback! I know I still have a ton of stuff to learn, and encouragement along the way definitely helps.

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