Scenic Tour: Creepy Emporium

This week’s area was designed to stand in stark contrast to last week’s. While the former hopes to invoke a sense of cozy, comfy warmth in players, this one strives to create a sense of unease. Bright and soft wallpaper is traded for crumbling stone walls, rotted wooden crossbeams, and cobwebs. FloorplanI also wished to draw attention to the unplanned nature of this black market’s establishment. It finds itself in a run-down cellar which distinctly suggests that it was moved into and adapted, rather than built with the final purpose in mind. The mismatched floor and obviously more recently constructed divider walls show the transformation which has occurred.

Find us in the dark and black and descend our ancient stairs. We wait here night and day, to sell our wicked wares.EntranceThe steamy whistle of our oven draws your eye and ear. Pick up a knife or axe, and try it while you’re here!SteamIron bars both cold and black, keep safe what otherwise might just attack.Slave CellsThis azure crystal’s pulsing glow, lights poisons that’ll make your heart beat slow.CrystalSo take your time and have a look. Rest your eyes on a forbidden book. There’s plenty here for you to see. Something I’m sure, to fill your heart with glee.Sweeping View


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