Scenic Tour: Cozy Shoppe

So it’s been a while, but that shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s been following along. I have been quite busy of late, but fortunately I’ve still had time to get some work done! I’ve just not had a minute to spare to show it off. You can safely expect regular updates for the next few weeks though.

I have slowly but steadily been making area after area, ever building up to a complete.. something. I cannot honestly say I know what will come of it, but I certainly know what I want: a PW of my own. A project I can truly call my own in terms of design and creative control. Something to be proud of. Consider these next few updates a teaser of things to come.

A sturdy city is built into the side of a cliff that rises a kilometer above it, and falls half as far below. Narrow cobblestone streets climb from terrace to terrace, little shops and homes sheltering them from the biting winds. Still, it is a prosperous city, a pinnacle of human engineering and culture. On the corner of a pleasant little square lies a small goods and sundries shop run by a motherly hen of a woman. Come in and step out of the cold!

For this small area I wanted a cute, warm-feeling little shop. A place for players to buy basic equipment and sell their hard earned loot. The shop features a main room with its wares, a small office for the shopkeep, and a fitting room for clothing in the back. The fitting room will serve as a place for players to customize the appearance of their character’s clothing.Floorplan

A small collection of weapons, armors, and shields greets visitors as they first enter this humble boutique, many in the city’s colors of white and light blue. Warm morning sunlight streams through the windows to brighten the room. Entrance

In the next corner over, market goers can find a selection of veggies, meats, and cheeses to sate their appetites, along with the wares needed to cook them. Sunlight shines through a few potions for a shining, glittery display. Most of the produce you see on the shelf in the back was placed piece by piece. I promise you it took a while.Produce

A wide counter facilitates hasty transactions. Copper, silver, and gold are measured before being hidden away in one chest or another. A battered iron wood stove staves off the crisp winter air. Checkout

A selection of bright cloth boldly proclaims “Yes! You too can twirl and dance on the floors of fine ballrooms with the nobility.” Most of those are actually bedrolls, but a splash of color and a little imagination goes a long way. Cloth

A fitting room in the corner grants a little privacy, while three mirrors promise you those new clothes look simply divine! Fitting RoomA neat and cozy office gives the shopkeep a few moments relief from her hectic business to work or for a quiet conversation. Take a look at the open and closed curtains. The open one is really two scrunched versions of the closed, with a modified spear for the curtain rod!Office Window

Here’s a final shot of the office: a few comfy seats and a bookshelf.Office Seats

I paid particular attention to color with this project, with soft red, blue, and yellow making up most of the decor. Each room has a primary color, with decorations of the other two mixed in. All in all, this was a relatively high-detail build. Let it serve to demonstrate how even a few small rooms can be packed with interesting eye-candy.



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