Scenic Tour: Flatholm

I had an incredible amount of fun on this particular project. I had so much fun, in fact, that I thought to mention if very first in this post. With that out of the way, I’ll get right into the meat of it.

This was an area I designed and developed as a favor to a friend for Legacy: Dark Age of Britain. Those in the community might know deMoin, an excellent storyteller and role-player. Those who have not yet had the pleasure are truly missing out.

The project: to design a small island for use as a home base by one of Legacy’s up and coming player factions. This small island located in the Severn Sea was to be loosely based Flatholm. I was told to make it the absolute most miserable place imaginable, and I like to think that I succeed. I will mention that I purposefully didn’t look at any pictures of the actual island until after I had completed the project. That said, have a look!

Welcome to Flatholm…DockYou’ll like you stay.StairsWe hope you’ll hang ’round a while.BridgeEnjoy the comforts of our inn, on such a lovely day.InnYou can avoid a quick short drop, if you’ve sufficient guile.PatioOr if it’s work you seek, we’ll house you free of charge!CagesOur blacksmith’s steel is nigh unyielding, by and large.SmithOr have you silver? Why not stay? Our homes keep out the cold and wet.HousesPay our lord homage, in his keep,KeepOr suffer and regret!Keep Base


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