Scenic Tour: Snowy Pass

Today’s update is going to be a short one. Over the weekend I threw together a quick tutorial on making rivers using the WaterMill plugin. As a consequence of this, I also produced a small area, and it turned out nice enough to warrant its own brief tour.

The area is a snowy mountain pass with a road following a rapidly flowing stream as it winds along a cliff, eventually turning and carving into it. Rolling snow-covered hills dotted with tough little trees and a small valley comprise the rest of the area. This view is taken from within the toolset, and has the fog disabled so you can better take in the area as a whole.River9

Here is a much closer view of the creek as it begins to carve into the hillside, leaving shear walls of weathered limestone in its wake. Solid chunks of ice partially block the river and form small rapids, and also conveniently help hide a glitch in the water surface caused by a megatile border.
Snow CliffA small camp sits at the edge of the cliff, the merchant wagon already beginning to sink into the ever-rising snows. A cute campfire provides much needed warmth to weary travelers, and a leanto some shelter against the biting winds.Snow CampLooking north along the cliffs you’ll see a waterfall. The horizon quickly fades to a dull white in the heavy snow. If you look closely, you can see a raven perched on the road marker to the top right.Snow FallsAn even smaller creek tumbles down the hillside and joins our steam. Placed effects and environmental objects liberally applied serve to hide the abrupt change in flow direction. Snow CreekFinally, a picturesque view of gently rolling hills to the northwest. Here and there tufts of grass struggle to survive amidst the squat evergreens. Snow HillsAll in all, I had quite a lot of fun with this project. This was my first time working with snow, and I found it delightful. It was surprisingly easy to make the snow look good, as uniformity in ground texture is a lot harder to notice. I definitely hope to have the opportunity to create something more substantial in an arctic setting. Limited assets do tend to limit options, but hopefully creativity will prevail.

Until next time, peace!


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