Scenic Tour: Mountain Home

This area remains a favorite of mine, but I’ve held off on writing about it because it’s hard to capture all of its essence in a few screenshots. Basically, it is a mine complex that has been prettied up and turned into a Lady’s feast hall and living space. Unfortunately this area doesn’t have a home yet, as the server it was designed for no longer had need of it as its story advanced. The whole place burned down.

This is the centerpiece of the area: The feast hall. Two long communal tables run the length of the hall, with a table on a raised platform at the end for the nobility. At the other end of the hall, a freestanding fireplace burns amid seating areas. These two shots capture the juxtaposition of mineshaft and rustic architecture, which was a really fun combination to play with.Feast Hall 1Feast Hall 2An armory sits at the end of a winding mine shaft. Shields, armors, weapons, and equipment line the walls. Practice dummies and an alarm gong sit in one corner, while a few cells for prisoners of value occupy the other.ArmoryA barracks for the house guard is crammed into another shaft. Beds, chests, tables and cabinets are set against the bare stone walls.BarracksThe bath chamber is home to two massive baths, separated from each other by low walls. Candles offer the chamber a relaxing atmosphere. BathTwo small rooms are set into the wall off of the feast hall. The first is an alchemist’s laboratory. Just across is a small library. If you look at the second picture of the feast hall, you can actually see where the wooden wall is lower and lined with decorative vases. That opening leads directly to the laboratory.LabLibraryThe complex’s crowded and busy kitchen has a floor of packed dirt. Shelves laden with ingredients and utensils line the walls and an oven bulges from a corner. KitchenThe master bedroom is the largest and most lavish of the four bed chambers in the complex, and is the only one depicted. Bedroom 1When the mountain home comes under attack, the lady of the house can make her escape through the passage concealed behind one of the room’s bookshelves. Bedroom 2



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