Scenic Tour: Jungle Landing

For today’s update I thought I would return to one of my earlier projects. This area is in fact, the first one I ever made. Please don’t judge it too harshly.

In all fairness, I’ve gone back and touched up the area a bit. A server still in early development expressed interest in a jungle-feeling beach, and as I’m always happy to have my work used, I obliged them.

New arrivals will find themselves on a white sand beach with tropical azure waters. The jungle ever threatens to creep forward and swallow the little beach. Day BeachOf course, the beach is just as easily enjoyed in the cool hours of night. Night BeachThe island’s jungle is always close at hand, rising quickly above the beach to form a dense wall. A few rapidly flowing streams tumble down the hillside and empty into the ocean.

Day Falls Night Falls Those looking for a quiet chat might brave the rickety log and cross the steep gully. They’ll find themselves on an isolated cliff overlooking the beach, with a small clearing in the foliage behind them for privacy.

Day FallElsewhere, a luscious grove awaits those who take the time to explore. Perfect for picnics, tribal ceremonies, and duels of honor. Night GroveA ramshackle village is nestled into the narrow, twisting valley a short ways from the beach.Day VillageThe village’s small square is occasionally host to a market, where imported goods are sold at a premium. Above the village, a precarious bridge crosses another gap to an ancient mine, still worked for the island’s precious gems and metals.

Day Village FallsNight VillageTravelers setting out to explore the island’s interior make camp at the edge of town, erecting their tents and lean-tos in whatever clearings they can find.

Day Village CampOr if they can afford it, they book a room at the Sultry Siren, the town’s inn of questionable repute. Day Village InnI have a special attachment to the deep valleys and narrow, treacherous paths of this tropical island. I was quite proud of my work at the time, and in many ways I still am. The area feels very much like a battle between the wilderness and civilization, with buildings squeezed into the only places that fit them and ever encroaching plant-life striving to swallow them whole.

Much could be improved in my use of textures and grass, however. The grass is just overused and under-varied, and would look much more at home in a prairie. The textures aren’t blended very well, and while it isn’t necessarily obviously bad, it could be a whole lot better. Who knows. I might give it another work over at some point. I hope you enjoyed.


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