I have always found myself drawn to creation. Building something from the ground up is intensely satisfying, be it a blog, a piece of furniture, a garden in your back yard, or a machine that starts making toast when your alarm goes off in the morning. What fascinates me most however, is the creation of worlds. From the backdrops of great fantasy and science fiction novels to the settings written for role-playing games, I have always been amazed at being immersed into a reality entirely different from our own, yet every bit as believable.

Over the past couple years I’ve had the opportunity to design and create a number of virtual environments, mostly working with Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset. These environments are for persistent worlds, or PWs, which are basically a cross between traditional table-top pen and paper RPGs and MMOs. You’ve got the attention to characters, the storyline, and the ability of individual players to make profound and lasting changes to the world of a PnP RPG, and the shared persistent world, exploration, and interactivity of an MMO. Teams of Dungeon Masters working together to build a storyline for and with their players.

It’s often said about pen and paper RPGs that the fun comes from imagining your characters and the world they occupy. It’s certainly true that this type of creativity is nearly infinite, however this blog isn’t about that. It’s not about creating a world that players have to imagine. It’s about imagining a world, and the process of conveying what you imagine to others. Of seizing the means of sharing your own dreams.

My posts in this blog fall into three principle categories, presented in order of frequency. I will give virtual tours of my own projects as I complete them, delving into the lore and thought behind the work. I will also be writing tutorials from the basic to the advanced. I will try to cover topics that carry across all toolsets and games. Finally, I will on occasion write reviews of existing PWs. I hope you find them helpful.



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